Nike’s Beats are on sale again for $200 per pair in China

NIKOLA, Philippines – NIKO FOOTBALL CLUB OF AMERICA, the Chinese-owned sports shoe company, announced on Monday that its Beats headphones and footwear brand were back on sale in China.

The Beats are now available for $199 per pair at a special NIKOCOMO store, which opened in Shanghai on Jan. 15.

The shoes and footwear, which are made by Nike’s Chinese division, are now being sold online in a variety of Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shanghai-Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chongming and Hong Kong.

The brand was launched in China in 2013 with a limited release in Hong Kong, and has since expanded to more than 40 countries.

Nike said the headphones were developed for the global market and that they offer a wide range of sound, feel and fit.NIKOLAVO SONICS, a shoe company owned by Adidas Group and the Japanese manufacturer Uniqlo, is the sole distributor of the Beats.

Nikos Beats have been on sale at a number of retailers in the U.S., including Best Buy and Walmart, since they launched in March.