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The U.S. Nursing Home Association, a trade group for nursing homes, said its members would be watching the election closely to see how the candidates approach the issue of whether nursing homes should be able to deduct medical expenses for their residents.

The association, which represents nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, has a strong track record of opposing such deductions, arguing that such expenses help nursing homes cope with high medical costs and help the public keep tabs on care costs.

In the past, presidential candidates have also raised concerns about deductibility, but they have mostly been muted by the fact that they have been unable to win public support.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both say they support nursing home deductions.

Both candidates, however, have not spelled out their policy positions on nursing home deductibility.

A Republican presidential candidate, New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie, who has proposed raising taxes on nursing homes to pay for infrastructure, has said he supports nursing home deduction but has not said whether he will support it in the Senate.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has said she is open to the idea of eliminating nursing home tax deductions.

Former President Bill Clinton has called for the elimination of nursing home medical deduction, and has proposed eliminating deductions for nursing home costs.