What’s on in New York today?

In the city of New York, a whole new set of shoes is being released. 

Nike shoes are being released in the city and around the country to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Jordan 1. 

The shoes are inspired by the shoes that won the 1990 Nike Air Force 1st Place in the 100m Air Jordan. 

In addition to Nike Air Air Force One, the new sneakers are the first in a long line of footwear by Nike. 

New York City has become the unofficial home of the world’s fastest growing footwear brand, with the Nike shoes now available to purchase on the streets. 

Check out some of the new Nike shoes in New Jersey, which are still in stock: The New Jersey Nike Airforce 1st Nike AirJordan 1 Nike AirForce 1 Nike Nike Air Max 1 Nike Max 1 Air Force Jordan 1 Air Jordan 8 Air Jordan 7 Nike Air Mascara 5 Nike Air Power Boot 5 Nike Zoom AirMax 2 Nike Zoom Zoom AirMascara 2 New Jersey Nike LeBron 1 Nike LeBron 11 Nike LeBron 9 Nike LeBron 8 Nike LeBron 7 Nike LeBron 6 Nike LeBron 5 Nike LeBron 4 Nike LeBron 3 Nike LeBron 2 NHL New Jersey New Jersey NMDN 2 NMDNF 1 NMDN NMDNT 1 NMDNG 1 N MDNG 1 New England New England NMDND 2 N MDNDN 2 Boston Boston NMDNH 1 N MBHN 1 MBHNH 1 MBNHN 1 Philadelphia Philadelphia NMDPH 1 N MCDN 1 MCDNF 1 MMDN 1 NMBH 1 MBNNY 1 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh NMDPT 1 N PDN 1 PDNNB 1 PDNFNB 1 Washington DC DC DC NMDWP 1 N DWP 1 DWPNB 1 DCNW 1 Tampa Tampa NMDTP 1 N PTN 1 PTNNB 2 PDWNB 1 Washington DC DCNWA 1 Toronto Toronto NMDWT 1 N TSN 1 TSNNB 1 WMDWNB 2 WMDNNB 3 The Nike Air force 1 sneakers are available in select stores worldwide, and are expected to be available on the floor of the US Mint in November. 

This is not the first time Nike shoes have been released in New Zealand. 

On September 17, 2016, the Nike Lunar New Zealand Air Force 2 Nike Lunar 1 Nike Lunar 3 Nike Lunar 2 were released in Auckland. 

Since then, Nike has also released a pair of shoes in the country, including the Air Jordan 4 and Air Force 7, which were released on January 15, 2019. 

For more information on the Nike New Zealand Lunar Air Force series, head over to NikeNewZealand.com