Lacoste’s Jordan Lacosté Shoes to be a new ‘Red Shoes’ in 2018

Jordan Lacos shoes, also known as ‘red shoes’, are currently the biggest selling brand in the sport of cycling, but their brand new ‘Lacosté’ range will be one of the biggest brands to enter the market.

Lacos, which was founded in 1997, has been in the business of shoe manufacturing since the 1960s and is now owned by the Londres-based Swiss luxury brand, who have been busy on the launch of several high-end models, including the new ‘Avenir’ and ‘Trucker’.

The company’s latest range, however, is set to take the world by storm.

The Lacos Jordan Lacuste range will debut in 2019, the company has confirmed to CyclingTips.

The new ‘R’ colourway of the new range will feature a “tinted red leather” finish.

The range is the first of its kind to be made in China.

The new ‘red’ edition will feature “an improved rubber upper with a rubberized finish” and “a new, lightweight, durable lacing system”.

The ‘R Red’ is also set to feature “a lighter and more flexible leather lining”.

It is expected that the new Jordan Lacasté ‘R Shoes’ will be available in the US, UK and Europe.

As mentioned, the new Lacos ‘R’, “is a new, premium-quality version of the brand’s popular, classic and durable, yet easy-to-wear, Jordan Lacouste shoes,” according to the company.

“The ‘R red’ is the most comfortable of the range’s colors and it has a slightly longer toe and heel for a more comfortable fit.”

The “LacoS” edition is “the ultimate luxury-class pair of footwear”, and is a “frequently-requested choice for our elite athletes and elite athletes in their prime.”

The “Lacs” series is “an innovative, yet versatile and classic design for athletes”, according to Lacos.

“Lace-ups and shorts, as well as sport coats and jackets, are also made in Lacos” shoes.

“Lacoso has also said that the Lacos “LACO” collection will continue to be sold in all sizes in the USA, but that the “new Lacos’ shoes are for the elite athletes who want a premium, sport-ready look with a comfortable, sporty feel.””

Laco” shoes are currently available in over 60 countries and the company will continue selling the Jordan Lacoscos “R” and the “Laco” shoes in 2018. 

As with all of Lacos new shoes, the price will remain the same.

The company has previously said that prices on the LacoS “L” will “change” as they have been in demand for years.