New Nike shoes for Indian men

Nike’s new custom-designed footwear for Indian boys is being made by a new brand.

The shoes are inspired by the goat and have a range of leather-like soles and suede upper panels.

The shoes, named Gharjani, feature goat-like leather and have been created in partnership with the India goat-breeding project.

They are made in the UK and are sold through the Nike online store.

“We are really excited to work with such a talented team from India and collaborate with them on their next project,” said Michael Gee, vice president of marketing at Nike India.

“The goat-skin suede in these shoes is made in-house by an expert team in India, which will ensure the durability of the leather.

The goat shoes will be available to customers in India from June 24.”

Gharjanis” are available in white, green, yellow and black.