How the shoe sale at Fendi got so bad that the store was closed on Saturday

Fendi is closing the doors of its boutique store in the Capitol Hill district on Saturday to honor the victims of the September 11 attacks.

The mall will remain open for shopping, but the store will no longer be able to sell items for sale on the store floor, the company said in a statement.

Fendi stores are a keystay in the shopping malls of New York and Los Angeles.

The store will be closed on Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday, but will reopen on Monday.

The shopping mall is located at 9th Street NE and 9th Avenue NW.

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Fendi’s opening on a Saturday comes as the store has become an icon of the mall, known for its iconic collection of fashion and luxury products, and its signature blue-and-white stripes.FIDGETS, THE BEAUTIFUL FIND FENDERS The retail giant has been selling Fendi products in its retail stores for nearly a decade.

Fidgets stores have become a fixture of malls across the country.FENDERS is a trademark of Fendi.

Fendi is a registered trademark of The Fendi Group, Inc. FENDIES is a service mark of, Inc., a subsidiary of The Family Investment Group, L.P. (the “Company”).