UK has the highest rate of new shoe sales in Europe

The UK has more than twice as many new footwear sales per capita as the other 27 EU member states, according to new data released on Thursday.

The new figures, released by the European Commission, show that there were nearly 8,000 new shoes sold in the EU last year, a record high.

But in comparison, the United States had just 1,906 new shoes, and Brazil had just 818, according the EU’s latest report on footwear and wearables.

The UK had the highest turnover rate, with 2.4 per cent of new shoes being sold, compared with 2 per cent in France and 1.6 per cent across the EU.

“We are all very proud to have been part of the European Union for so many years,” said Joaquin Vázquez, the European Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Trade and Consumer Protection, in a statement.

However, the new data showed that the UK’s growth was largely driven by its footwear industry, which accounted for about one in 10 of all new footwear sold.

According to the latest report, the UK accounted for just 1.3 per cent and France and Germany for less than 0.1 per cent.

More than a third of the footwear sold in England and Wales was made in the United Kingdom, the report found.

European countries including the Netherlands and Belgium had the lowest turnover rate for new footwear, while Portugal and the Czech Republic had the largest turnover rate.

There were also a significant number of small and medium sized businesses that made up the bulk of new footwear and wearable sales.

Despite these low figures, the overall turnover rate across all the EU member countries was still much higher than that of the UK, which stood at 1.2 per cent, according data from Eurostat.