How much is a pair of East Bay shoes worth?

A pair of shoes will go for $200 to $300 on eBay.

But what about a pair in a different colour?

The answer is “a lot”, according to East Bay shoe store Ecco.

“There are probably a few pairs of sneakers we have in stock that are selling for as much as $350,000 to $400,000,” said Ecco founder John Koehn.

“We’ve sold shoes to celebrities, people who are in the business of buying shoes and they’re selling for $400 or $500.

We’ve sold them to the military, they’re sold to the government.”

Ecco is the only East Bay-based shoe store to keep up with changing consumer tastes.

Effortlessly changing The East Bay has a rich history of shoe styles, which have changed over the years.

“When we started we were looking for a new shoe,” Mr Koehne said.

“Then people started wearing them more, they started wearing the toe-up.

Today there are some shoes that are better for those who are running, for those people who like to be out on the trail, for runners.

We started selling shoes in a lot of different colours, we had the black version, now we have the white and grey.

The new shoe that we’re trying to sell is the classic brown shoe, so the shoe that you have to wear to work every day, it has to be a little bit different.”

In the early days Mr Kuehn was selling shoes to the wealthy, but that quickly changed when he started to sell shoes to everyone.

His latest offering, the Ecco Blue and Gold, is available in a range of colours and has a range sold in pairs.

It’s a more affordable shoe, but the colour scheme has changed.

Mr Koehm said Eccos shoes were never a top seller, so he knew it was important to keep things fresh.

He sells them in pairs of a particular colour and says the price is based on the size and style.

For example, a pair might cost $350 if you want a larger foot, $350 more if you have a wider foot.

While you may have seen the Eccos logo on your shoes, they aren’t actually made by Ecco themselves.

As the company grows, the colours and design will change as well, with some Eccos coming in black, blue and green.

In 2014 Ecco started to offer shoes in other colours.

These include black leather, black leather suede, white leather, red suede and black leather.

If you buy a pair, you can choose between two styles of shoes.

The colour is determined by the size.

I think they’re very affordable, but I also know they’re going to have some issues with the size of your foot, you know?

Mr Koeshne also sells a range from black and red suedes to grey and white suedes.

There are a number of other styles of Ecco shoes available, such as the Eccoo Grey, Eccoo White and Eccoo Red.

A lot of people think the Eccoos are the cheapest shoes in the world, but Mr Kokehne says they are actually quite the opposite.

They’re quite expensive.

You might have heard about the Eccox, which are high-end, expensive shoes that cost up to $10,000.

But you can get these in a much cheaper price range.

At the same time you can also buy the Eccoes in other colour, and even black, which is a really nice shoe to have.

All of these are sold out, and they sell for much less than the price of the Eccons.

Do I need to wear a specialised pair of socks?

Euphoric footwear is a popular style among younger generations.

However, the popularity of Eccos has been waning in recent years, and there’s been a rise in the number of high-profile shoe brands that have dropped their Ecco offerings.

When you buy Eccos you’re getting shoes that will last for years, but they’re not going to last forever.

This has led to people looking for new, more affordable options.

Some of the most popular shoes are the Eccozes, which use a leather-based construction, with a rubber sole and a rubber heel.

More affordable options include the Eccuos, which wear a rubber-like sole and rubber-rubber sole, and the Eccobees, which rely on an all-spun, nylon-rubbery construction.

Finally, the Etos, also known as the Bamboo Foot, which can be purchased in various colours.

They’re a combination of a leather sole, rubber-soled sole and leather upper.

So, if you’re thinking about buying a pair you’ll need to make