How to get the most out of a pair of earth shoes

Merrell Shoes, the maker of Earth shoes, is releasing a new collection of footwear with a focus on sustainability and health.

The new footwear line, called the Earth Shoes Collection, is the first in a series of footwear to be produced with recycled materials.

The line includes footwear for people with eczema, diabetes and heart disease, as well as for people who are in need of more support.

The line is available online, in stores and on select retailers and fashion brands.

The first Earth Shoes collection will be available on March 9, and the collection will launch in select retailers on April 7.

“Our focus is on creating a product that is more durable, more comfortable and provides an impactful platform for our community,” said Mike Merrell, CEO of Merrell.

“The Earth Shoes Collections are designed to bring people together in the most meaningful way possible.

The focus on health and sustainability is in keeping with our mission to inspire, empower and connect people.”

The Earth shoes are made from 100 percent natural rubber, a sustainable material that can be recycled, and they’re designed to support the heart and the lungs.

Merrell says the shoes are lightweight and stretchable, with the sole being made from recycled material and the heel from natural rubber.

The shoes are also made in a factory in Indonesia, using a renewable energy source, which is a renewable and affordable source of energy for a large number of industries in the world.

The shoes are available at select retailers in the United States and Canada and on Merrell’s website for $299.99.

They’re available at Merrell stores in the U.K., Germany, France, Japan and Sweden.