Why Apple has a new ad for shoes that looks like a Russian toilet

In the months after President Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, his supporters, and many others across the country, have complained about how his campaign ads were lacking in diversity.

The ads were largely white men with short haircuts, men with tattoos, and men with more traditional hair styles.

The complaints led to calls for a boycott of Trump’s presidential campaign ads, and to the formation of a new nonprofit, The Trump Project, to promote diversity in advertising.

The organization, which was set up in June, has already had a few notable successes.

The group has won the support of a number of celebrities, including former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, actress Ashley Judd, and comedian John Oliver.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

But the Trump Project did not immediately respond to Recode’s request for an interview.

The new ad, which is set to air in Ohio on Thursday, features a pair of shoes, one of which is white, the other of which looks like the Russian toilet.

The shoe with the Russian name, which reads “Возоная редстажное и всейских,” appears to be a pair that Trump has worn to the White House.

The shoes look exactly like the ones Trump has been photographed wearing, including the black trim and the Russian title.

“А ролите делаган мироны от своень фотрака,” the ad reads.

“The Russian toilet is not the toilet of a modern person, but of an ancient one.

The Russian toilet was built in the 5th century.

It was built for people who didn’t have the right clothes and who were humiliated by the society of the time.”

The ad’s narrator explains that Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” is based on the Russian toilets, and that the ads are meant to show that people who support Trump are doing so with dignity.

“Don’t forget that when you see the shoes, the toilet is there,” the narrator says.

“And remember that the toilet’s not there for the good of others, but for you.”

The narrator also makes a reference to the fact that the shoes are made by Nike.

Nike is owned by private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, which recently bought the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The ad was created by Michael Gartner, a former advertising executive for President George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns.

The narrator in the ad says, “We can build a wall and make America great again.”

Gartninger has worked on several campaigns, including Trump’s.

The video is set in the Trump Tower in Washington, D.C., and is shot in a black and white format, which contrasts with the color of the shoes.

The campaign, according to the video description, was created to show the American people what their president does, what they expect from him, and what they can expect from the American government.

Gartners description of the campaign, which features ads by celebrities including Jared Kushner, Alec Baldwin, and Ellen DeGeneres, said it was meant to be the American version of a “Russia toilet.”

In a statement, GartNER said, “It’s not a joke.

The goal of this campaign was to show Americans that President Trump is not a man who has no place in our country.”

The ads are part of a broader effort by the Trump campaign to try to reach voters across the political spectrum.

The former president also has tried to engage with his supporters in a more personal way, by creating a Facebook group called “Make American Great Again.”

But many of the people who join the group are in the minority.

Trump has posted several videos on the group, and a spokesperson for the campaign said in a statement that “the vast majority of people who are on the ‘Make America great Again’ Facebook group are not fans of President Trump or of President Obama.”

“Many of the Facebook groups that the president is creating for his supporters are full of people of color, are hostile to him, are extremely liberal, and are in fact anti-Trump,” the spokesperson said.

“Many members of the ‘Trump supporters’ Facebook community are the same people that the Trump administration is trying to convince that they are not real Americans, that they don’t matter.”