How to dress as a tree in your wedding shoes

The following tips might make you look like a tree at a wedding, but they don’t require a lot of practice. 

As the tree is nocturnal, it needs to be in a dark room and be in direct sunlight to be effective. 

The best way to dress up as a forest-dwelling tree is to get a little creative and put on some amazing looking flowers and leaves, such as a large pink umbrella or white tulip. 

You’ll also want to create a little bit of a splash in the foreground to make it stand out. 

If you want to really take your theme to the next level, you can also dress as the tree in the rain, but keep it simple by choosing a darker shade and sticking to simple floral prints. 

But the most fun part of all is to dress the tree up and let the world know you’re a tree. 

Here are some fun ideas for tree dresses. 

First, you’ll need a special umbrella. 

These are not the only ones you can use.

You can get the cheapest one and use it to throw your guests into the rain. 

For a more realistic look, try wearing a raincoat. 

Use the same umbrella as the ones you have to make the most of the rain you get, especially if you’re not wearing a hat. 

Get a large tree or umbrella for the tree, like a blue umbrella or a large red one. 

I love using my umbrella as a hand umbrella, but if you can’t afford a big one, you could also buy one of these. 

Pick out a flower or leaf from the bushes or flowers that are around your home, and add it to your dress. 

Dress up as the forest, and give your guests a tree to look at. 

Once you’ve done that, put on a rain coat and throw your bride into the water. 

This will make your wedding look more like a forest, as your bride is completely invisible. 

And if you need to add a little flair to your wedding, take a small bouquet of roses and throw them into your wedding cake. 

Wedding flowers are also an excellent option for a more dramatic look. 

A simple bouquet like a yellow rose, white rose, pink rose, or white poppy would look great on your wedding day. 

Grab a few flowers and make your own flowers, such the simple white petals and small flowers of a purple butterfly. 

There are many different types of flower arrangements you can make, including flowers that look like they could be from a fairy tale or a real tree.

Just be sure to select a few to make sure your guests are in the mood for a wild day.

Photo by Sarah Kestenbaum from The Knot for Polygon. 

How to Dress as a Tree in Your Wedding Shoes