How to save money on your shoes

A new study from research firm PwC shows that the vast majority of people would rather save $300 on a pair of shoes than spend $1,000 on new ones.

PwCo, the consultancy behind the research, also said that the average shopper would spend $100 on a new pair of sneakers.

PWCo analyzed 1.4 million shoe purchases between March and July 2017.

The firm found that shoppers who bought the least frequently (by a few pairs) were more likely to say that they would save $100 or less on a shoe than those who bought more frequently.

And they were also more likely than the other group to say they would spend more than $1.00 on a brand new pair.

“Shoes have become a hot commodity in the past decade,” PwCorp senior vice president of research and innovation Tom Pomerantz told The Huffington Post.

“If you want to save $1 or $2, you’ve got to buy them.

People are always going to want to buy new shoes.

People want to look great.

People love to see their shoes on a shelf, so you’ve just got to spend less money and have a better experience.”

PwCap also found that consumers who are used to paying $150 for a pair were more inclined to give up on buying new shoes and instead spend their money on a second pair.

The PwCompany survey found that while 70 percent of people said they had tried out new shoes, only 40 percent said they would go back to buying new ones if they had to.

But PwConcern said that a new shoe isn’t necessarily the best investment, either.

“People don’t want to have a brand that is brand new,” he said.

“A brand is a brand, and brand new shoes are always better.”