Which BAPE shoe will be next?

BAPE, the British-based sports shoe brand founded by a former British tennis star, is reportedly making an announcement on Thursday regarding its next pair of shoes.

The company said in a statement that it would “soon” be announcing the next shoe in the red shoe club (known as BAPE) line.

Sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that BAPE has been working on a shoe for several years and is now in the final stages of getting the new shoe in front of the public.

The shoe will not be called BAPE.

Instead, it will be known as Red Shoes.

As with all BAPE products, the shoes will be produced by a company called Bape Pro and will be sold by retailers in conjunction with BAPE’s social media channels.

The shoe will also be available for purchase through BAPE stores and online.

The new shoe is expected to hit the market sometime in 2019.

A source told Reuters the shoe is a collaboration between BAPE Pro and a Japanese brand called Fuse, which was formerly known as Nylon.

It will be the first shoe in BAPE-branded line to feature Nylon and will cost around $350.

The pair of BAPE Red Shoes will retail for around $150.

The shoe’s release will mark the first time the BAPE brand has been officially announced in a video.

BAPE is also in talks with other shoe brands like Adidas, Nikes, and Reebok about a new red shoe.