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The adidas Originals Balenciagas sneakers have been the subject of intense speculation ever since the company unveiled them at the 2013 IFA, and with good reason.

A pair of Balencegas sneakers is arguably the most popular sneaker ever made, and yet for a number of years, the company has only released one pair.

That’s not just a lack of production.

The company also hasn’t been very transparent about the release of the Balencelas.

A spokesperson told The Washington Post that they have “no information on when the shoes will be available.”

But the brand has not been shy about taking a jab at the industry.

“We think the shoes are very well made, we think the materials are very good, and the construction is excellent,” founder Balencinio Girone told the Wall Street Journal back in 2013.

“I am confident that when we release them, the shoes and the shoe company will be at the top of the list.” 

The Balenca is a modern take on a traditional Balenco sneaker.

The sneaker features a lightweight synthetic upper that wraps around the toes and is finished off with a pair of mesh midsole panels that offer additional cushioning.

It’s a modern design that’s reminiscent of the early 2000s, when the original Balencos made their debut.

But unlike the current Balencia, this Balença doesn’t have a traditional back, and instead features a new, more modern mesh upper.

This time around, the mesh upper wraps around a mesh bottom and a new mesh upper in a separate layer.

It also comes with a removable mesh toe box and mesh tongue.

The design is inspired by a pair by the Spanish designer Miguel de la Torre, which are also featured in the adidas Balenchegas collection.

There are other BalenChecas on the market, but none of them are the size or weight of this Balencia.

Instead, this pair is a size smaller than other Balenos, and it features a mesh upper with a mesh tongue that wraps on both sides of the upper.

The upper also has a mesh top, which can be removed for casual wear. 

Balenchecas, by design, don’t look like other Balentos, so you won’t be seeing this model anywhere near the company’s stores anytime soon.

But for those looking to make their own, the Balencia can be a great starting point.