Bape: $2,500 shoes for the blind and visually impaired

A shoe that lets you slip your right foot into a pair of Bape athletic shoes is selling for as much as $2.5 million.

A new pair of the shoes, called “Bape Blind Shoes” were made available to the blind, visually impaired and visually challenged in October through the BAPE Blindness Foundation, the foundation said in a statement Monday.

The shoes feature a design that allows the user to slide the right foot in the left shoe, which gives them a much more natural position for the left foot to be in.

The shoe also has an integrated flap to keep the shoe on the foot during use.

A BAPE spokesperson told The Associated Press that the shoe’s maker, Bape, had sold 1.6 million pairs of the shoe.

The foundation is also giving away the shoes to blind children and other individuals who can benefit from the shoe, the statement said.

The shoe, named the “BAPE Blind Shoes,” is made of premium leather and is available for $2.,500.