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The Internet has been abuzz lately with the news that Nike has filed a trademark application for the name “Kanye West,” a.k.a.

“the greatest rapper of all time.”

The trademark application was filed by the American brand in late September and has already been scrutinized for potential trademark violations.

However, it is still unclear what Nike’s intentions are for the term, and what it means to “the best rapper of the modern era.”

The company says the name was chosen based on “the popularity of Kanye West as a lifestyle brand,” and also because “it is appropriate for the brand to incorporate the name of a living, breathing legend.”

“The use of ‘Kanye’ in this manner reflects the importance of the brand’s mission and continues to reflect the impact that ‘Keezy’ has had on the music industry,” Nike says in the application.

“In addition to the cultural impact of the Kanye West name, the trademark application also underscores the brand-wide importance of Kanye and the value of its collaborations with his signature shoe designs.”

It’s not clear how the Nike-owned trademark will affect future footwear ventures.

According to Forbes, Nike is looking to bring the company’s name to “a number of footwear and apparel products and services” like “luxury footwear and accessories, apparel, and footwear.”

The filing could also serve as a way for the company to launch a new line of footwear, a Nike spokesperson told The New York Times.

“We have a long history of producing innovative footwear products, and it is possible that Nike will bring its name to the same line,” Nike spokesperson John Sifakis told the newspaper.