What are orthopedics?

On this day in 1930, President Franklin Roosevelt signs the National Orthopedic Survey Act, which required Americans to get medical examinations at least once a year.

In addition to requiring physicians to write annual examinations, it required doctors to be trained to evaluate patients, and to report their results.

(AP)The act required physicians to be properly trained in their practice of orthopedia, which includes treating and treating with medication, and required doctors and other health professionals to report results to the government.

The act also required physicians and other medical professionals to keep detailed records of their care, including patient histories, medication dispensed, and any adverse reactions to the medications they prescribe.

The first American to receive a medical examination, on June 1, 1930, was President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who visited New York to take part in the annual National Orthopaedic Survey.

It was a major milestone in the early development of the modern medical profession.