What to expect from the upcoming launch of the new, much cheaper Nike Air Max 3 shoe in the US

With the shoe hitting shelves on August 6, 2017, you’ll have the chance to pick one up and play around with the new Air Max range.

The new model of Air Max was launched with a price tag of $300 USD on July 30, and the next day it launched at a $399 price tag.

It was a $100 savings on the retail price of the original model, and we now know that the retail cost of the second iteration of the shoe has been slashed to $150 USD.

That’s a savings of $100 per pair.

In other words, the retail value of the Air Max 1 is now $300, down from $400.

The same is true for the new model, which is now a $350 shoe.

The Air Max 2 is now available for $150 and the third iteration of Air MAX is $200.

All in all, the Nike Airmax 3 has been a big hit in the UK.

On a US launch, Nike says the AirMax 3 will be a great fit and feel.

“The Air Max is the shoe of the future.

The Nike AirMax series continues to bring the ultimate performance and fit into every aspect of your day,” the company wrote on its official website.

“Our Air Max series has always been designed to deliver the best in footwear, and Nike AirMAX 3 has captured that philosophy.

The innovative and responsive new design delivers a truly athletic experience that’s just as stylish on the court or in the gym.”

In other Nike news, the company is also introducing a new line of Nike Air Boosts.

The brand’s latest Air Boost is the Air Boost 3, which features a lighter, more cushioning sole and more cushion and support.

Nike is touting the new Boost as a “revolutionary” product that “sets a new benchmark for performance and comfort.”

The new Air Boost has a price of $180, and will launch on August 1st.

Nike says that the new design will allow for “new shoe styles to be created that are both more responsive and more athletic.”

Nike says it has been able to reduce the weight of the Boost from 1.5kg to 1.1kg thanks to a new material.

The company is calling the material “Super Strength.”

The shoe will be available in three colorways: black, white and pink.

The Boost 3 is now listed on Nike’s online store, and it’ll be available at retailers including Foot Locker, Walgreens and Target.