Which shoe brands are worth the most?

By now you’ve heard about the new adidas shoe, the Jordan 9 and the Nike Air Max, but now it’s time to pick your favorite shoe brand.

For the uninitiated, the word “branded” refers to an adidas-owned brand, but “branded shoe” refers more to a shoe made by a shoe brand like Adidas. 

Brand loyalty is key to a successful brand.

But when it comes to the adidas brands, there’s a lot to unpack. 

The brand’s current lineup of sneakers features a collection of sneakers from adidas Originals and adidas Sportswear brands, but the company is also currently working on a shoe line called The Jordan 8, which could debut sometime in the next year. 

“It’s very important for us to have brand loyalty and also to have high-quality products, and that’s the first thing,” Brand Ambassador Matt Ruggiero told Time. 

When it comes down to choosing your next adidas shoes, there are many options to consider, especially for the older models that come with some of the best quality on the market. 

Adidas has recently introduced several new sneakers, including the Air Jordan 11, the Air Max 7 and the Air Yeezy Boost.

The company has also been working on its “Sneaker-in-a-Box” concept, which includes a collection that’s both a pair of shoes and a backpack. 

But, for now, Rugglero says that adidas has a great collection of products to choose from. 

If you’re looking for a new shoe or even just want to get your feet in the game, there will definitely be something to love in the adiasos.

For more info on what to expect from the upcoming adidas sneakers, head over to TIME.