New Nike Kids Shoes are coming to the UK, but don’t let that fool you – we’re still talking about them

New Nike sneakers are on the way to the United Kingdom, but we’re not talking about just any old Nike sneakers.

We’re talking about the “Bacon”, “Kobe”, “JUKE”, and “BAMBOO” models.

The first pair of these, the “Sleek & Tasty” model, was launched in November.

Now, there are two other Nike Kids shoes coming to launch in 2017, which will be a major deal for the UK’s most popular sneaker brand.

The Nike Kids’ 2017 line includes three different styles.

The “Sneaker Classic” is the same as the last generation of the shoes, and includes a traditional white and green design, as well as the “Classic White” with a yellow, red, and blue colourway.

The second generation of these is “Black Classic” which includes a blue, green, and red colorway. 

The third generation of Nike Kids sneakers will include “Classic Black”, which is a black version of the previous generation, and will come in two different colors.

The new “Skeleton” model is also a Skeleton design, but it’s an all-white colorway, and is expected to launch later this year. 

We have a ton of photos and details on the new Nike Kids, so you can see for yourself below.