Australia’s best-selling men’s shoes and men’s tennis shoes

The first shoe to hit the Australian retail scene in more than 20 years was a pair of Crocs.

They were designed and made in the U.K. and made from high-tech, flexible carbon fibre that would eventually be adopted by the rest of the world.

But they were the first to go on sale in Australia.

A decade on, they’ve made a return to the Australian market and are selling out in record time.

“They’re a fantastic example of what you can do when you take something that people want and make it accessible to them,” says Tony Pizzi, chief executive of New Era, the Australian-based designer behind the Crocs range.

Pizzis footwear company has been selling its Crocs for two years.

It’s a small business but he’s been able to keep prices low by selling online.

“The shoe is something that we’ve had a lot of interest in,” he says.

“We’ve seen people wanting it, they want to buy it, and we have people coming in to our store with questions about it and saying, ‘What do you have to lose?'”

A crocs pair is available for sale for $839 (about AU$1065) on New Era’s website, or you can choose to pay for them by credit card.

But Pizzies is confident that if you can afford to, you can find them on eBay.

“There are some really good deals out there,” he explains.

“But we know that it’s really tough to sell crocs in Australia.”

Pizzias company is now selling the Croci range on its own online site, and the price varies depending on the shoe, the colour of the shoe and the size.

If you’re looking for a pair in black or brown, it’ll be $449 (about AUD$600).

If you are looking for the same shoe in a colour other than black or white, it will be $349 (about CAD$440).

“The biggest thing we’re really trying to get across to people is that we don’t charge a shipping fee,” Pizzes says.

If it’s a crocs style, it should arrive in two to three weeks.

The company will also be launching a second Crocs shoe in the next few weeks, and is looking to bring Crocs into more cities across Australia.

“It’s a great opportunity to really take the opportunity to show the world that this is a viable alternative,” Pizias says.

For a limited time, New Era is offering a discount on Crocs boots in the Australian and New Zealand markets, which cost about $500 (about $2,600), to those who pre-order the shoes online before August 26.

“You’re able to get your Crocs shoes online for about a week before you have them in store, and they’ll be on sale right away,” Pitzis says.