The best shoes you can buy at lacostee shoes

lacostea shoes is selling off the shelves and online, but you can still buy some of its best-selling shoes.

The shoe retailer said it would make some major changes to its website and online stores as it works to bring more people into its stores.

The company will also reduce its prices for some of the shoes that it sells online and in its stores, it said.

It also said it will close more than 100 of its stores and cut some of them to make room for new stores.

The company said it planned to reduce its staff to about 50 people, but would continue to offer retail in stores.

It also said that it would close some of these stores, which have about 3,000 employees.

In the meantime, Lacoste is offering customers new shoes and accessories to go with its already-popular collection of men’s and women’s shoes.