LeBron James sneaks $1,400 sneaker store into your closet

LeBron James has been selling his sneakers and accessories online for decades, and he recently made an official foray into the shoe-shopping world with the release of a pair of $1.2 million sneakers, which he had previously only been able to buy at shoe stores.

But after opening a shoe store in Miami, he decided to branch out to other cities in the US, where the cost of sneakers is significantly lower.

In Miami, where James lives, sneakers cost about $250 a pair, but in New York City they cost $300.

The shoes were released online on Thursday, and James says he hopes to eventually have the shoes in stores for $1 a pair.

Here’s how it went down.

James says his first shoe purchase came from a friend.

“He was like, ‘Hey, I got this LeBron James sneakers for $500.

You gotta get me a pair,'” James told Business Insider.

“I was like OK, I’ll try to do that.”

James and his friend agreed to a swap for the sneakers.

After the deal was finalized, James got the shoes, but he said he had to spend some extra cash to make sure the sneakers arrived at the store in time for his NBA Finals debut.

He also had to wait on the shipping address.

“The shoes were shipped on Saturday and I was like okay, I don’t want to spend that money,” James said.

“It’s a little bit like you just get on a plane and go to another city.”

He was then told he could purchase the shoes for $250, which would put him at $1 million.

He got the $250 sneakers on Friday, and then he had the opportunity to buy the $1-million sneakers on Saturday, which meant he would be able to spend about $200 on the shoes.

When asked how he calculated the extra money to get the sneakers, James said he did not.

“So it was $200 for the $750 shoes and $250 for the LeBron James shoes, and that’s just for the shoes,” James explained.

“If I had bought the sneakers online, I could have gone and bought them for about $300.”

James said that he spent about $100 on the sneakers before shipping them.

He then paid $250 in fees and took a little extra time to arrive in time to watch his first NBA Finals.

“But I had to pay another $150 to get them to me and they came in and they looked great,” James added.

“There’s a lot of pride in that.”

The shoes sold out fast, but there were still plenty of pairs left.

James said it was a very special experience for him to buy one of the sneakers in person.

“This is the only time I’ve ever had to buy shoes at a shoe shop in person,” James told BuzzFeed News.

“To have a pair that’s only a little different from anything I could buy at a store, I think that’s pretty special.”

James says that he plans to use the money to buy his own sneakers, and to purchase new sneakers and sneakers from companies like Nike and Adidas.

“These guys are making shoes that are so good that they are going to go down in the sneaker world,” he said.